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 Complete List of "Limited Time" Loot Collections

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PostSubject: Complete List of "Limited Time" Loot Collections   Fri Jan 08, 2010 10:00 pm

Items are listed with Attack, Defense and type of Item

Special Gifts (Sent out for playing Christmas 08)Christmas Gifts were sent out for daily playing but never were never used they will only show up on a persons own profile
Coganc 0/0 NONE
Cuban Cigars 0/0 NONE
Diamond Necklace 0/0 NONE
Gold Rolex 0/0 NONE
Hi Def TV 0/0 NONE
Silk Armani Suit 0/0 NONE
Bottle of Champagne 0/0 NONE

4th of July Loot
Flintlock Pistols 14/6 Weapon
Bayonet 4/16 Weapon
Cannon 33/7Weapon
Musket 25/5 Weapon
Sabre 17/13 Weapon
Red Coat 8/38 Armor
Tri-Point Hat 8/12 Armor
Davey Crockett Hat 21/9 Armor

Labor Day Loot
Pretty Boy Floyd's .45 22/22 Weapon
Baby Face Nelson's .351 21/24 Weapon
Machine Gun Kelley's Gun 25/14 Weapon
Ma Barkers Machine Gun 30/20 Weapon
Dillingers Wooden Gun 12/45 Weapon
Ness' Fedora 28/22 Armor
Bonnie and Clydes B-400 32/19 Vehicle
Capones Armored 341A 14/38 Vehicle

Tiger Loot
Liger 45/ 12 Weapon
Siberian Tiger 36/14 Weapon
Tora Assult Rifle 28/12 Weapon
Pro's 2 Iron 24/19 Weapon
Tiger Skin Armored Vest 12/30 Armor
Le Tigre 26/15 Vehicle
Tiger Tank 18/48 Vehicle
Tiger Shark Submersible 37/18 Vehicle

Russian Loot

PPSH 41 Submachine Gun22/8 Weapon
.45 ACP Pistol 18/12 Weapon
IZH-35m 25/15 Weapon
VSK-94 Sniper Rifle 28/12 Weapon
Grach 20/10 Weapon
Dragunov 36/14 Weapon
Impression 15/35 Vehicle
Ushanksa 10/20 Armor
Shtrumovik 45/28 Armor

Halloween Loot
Frankenstein's Poker Chips 22/10 Weapon
Fake Vampire Teeth 34/15 Weapon
Laser Squrill 43/12 Weapon
YoZombie 21/18 Armor
Monkey Brain Stew 2/27 Armor
Kraken 24/41 Vehicle
Zombie Cow 25/15 Vehicle
Dead End 32/20 Vehicle

Thanksgiving Loot
Stuffed Turkey 19/25 Weapon
Electric Carving Knife 34/18 Weapon
Cooked Goose 15/27 Weapon
Mashed Potatos 24/21 Weapon
Pea Shooter 26/12 Weapon
Food Coma 20/42 Armor
Lucky Wishbone 16/36 Armor
Gravy Boat 40/24 Vehicle

Thanks to epicslakker for added info.
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Complete List of "Limited Time" Loot Collections
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